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Dr. Clayton Peel Reveals cause of his Resignation from Daystar University

Joseph Nduti Musomba


Dr. Clayton Peel has confirmed that he has resigned from his position as a senior lecturer at Daystar University and divulged the reasons as to why he made this decision.


In an exclusive interview with the Involvement Newspaper, the lecturer who also serves as the resident tutor and Media hub coordinator has said that he has decided to leave because he has gotten another opportunity in Namibia.


“I got another offer at Namibia University to work as a Senior lecturer, School of Communication. It’s an opportunity that has come up, my family and I hence feel like it’s a good time to try another institution in another country and see what contribution I can make,” he said.


This admission comes after Daystar University students took to social media to blame the current Vice Chancellor Prof. Timothy Wachira when they got wind that the lecturer was bound to leave.


“It’s a saddening fact. Now more than ever Wachira funga virago enda (Pack your bags and leave), commented @RaisIsrael on WhattSapp.


However, Dr. Peel has also confirmed that the decision to leave has not been propelled by the logjam between the students and the Vice Chancellor but in the same breath expressed his concerns on the impasse that has been going on for a month now.


“While I am saddened by the current situation between the students and the University, it is not connected to my decision to resign. As a lecturer I’m quite saddened that we have lost almost a month of lessons and I really believe that even now an understanding can be reached to bring students back to class and can probably have some of their concerns listened to and addressed,” he added.


In his closing remarks, the senior lecturer has assured he students that he will still be around for a few more months and also expressed his gratification with the Daystar University students.


“I am extremely proud of the students I have interacted with at Daystar University, to see our products as Daystar still very prominent in the media is an indication of what Daystar has been doing. The responsibility to keep that reputation rest with all of us, we have to work hard and be proud of the brand. I am proud of who you are and what you have achieved,” he concluded candidly.


Dr. Clayton Peel had recently been appointed the Head of Department, Film and Media Studies in the School of Communication before his resignation.

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