DUSA Athi claims Victory as University closed for Christmas holidays

By Andrew E. K. Maina



Athi River Campus student president Karwitha Kirimi used an address to students at the amphitheater to claim victory in two of the three primary aims of the ongoing university boycott. These are the aims of not having exams, and classes while Professor Timothy Wachira remains the Vice Chancellor of Daystar University.

The address came about after the Daystar University Senate, through an email to students this morning, December 8, closed the institution, ‘for Christmas holidays.’

Karwitha also outlined a timeline of the key events of the boycott, including the several meetings with various stakeholders, as well as the importance of the present boycott in context of the previous boycott.



She told students that DUSA had challenged management, “show us the changes you made from 2014 to fix the university or was it business as usual?”

She further called on students residing in campus from handing in their room keys saying that the university belongs to students. She moreover called on the students to participate in the picketing that is scheduled to be held at Valley Road on Monday 12th December; as yet another move of dealing with the issues that led to the boycott.

First year English student George Kipkoech said he believed the decision to close the university was a good and bad one.


“It was good because, our request, our demand not to have exams has been fulfilled and bad because we could have handled our issues before going home,” He said.

The meeting was also covered by a team from Citizen TV, a local media house, whose entrance to the varsity was stopped, but after students went in numbers to the gate in large numbers to demand that they be let in, they were allowed in.

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