Daystar Staff Step in to Solve University Stalemate

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The Senior Staff Association of Daystar University (SSADU) and the Daystar University General Staff Association (DUGSA) held a joint meeting on the morning of Thursday 7th December at Daystar University Valley road Campus with the aim of forming a forum for Daystar staff to air out their problems.
This is due to the prevailing standoff in Daystar University between Daystar University Students’ Association (DUSA) and Daystar management.
Speaking to Involvement, Mr. Richard Maswili the chairperson of SSADU revealed some of the problems staff are facing.


“There is no communication from the management, which brings out the fact that there are issues very clearly. Especially on the uncertainty of exams. They have also not given their point of view on the grievances being raised by DUSA,” he said.



During the meeting, the main problems brought out were the closure of university facilities that impede staff from carrying out their jobs, insecurity and general embarrassment.
A number of resolutions were tabled during the meeting, one of which includes the position of the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Timothy Wachira and the moves he should take in order to break the current stalemate.
“Our main aim is to bring the university back to a place of normalcy once more. The resolutions agreed upon shall be presented to Daystar management as a representation of what Daystar should do moving forward,” said Mr. Maswili.


However, according to the minutes that were taken during the meeting, some of the recommendations that the staff made was to postpone exams to the beginning of January semester 2018 and the VC to step aside to allow peaceful and fruitful negotiations among various stakeholders.
The Daystar University Council is set to meet again on 18th December, but Mr. Maswili believes this is too late. The SSADU and DUGSA shall, therefore, have another meeting next week to conclude on which resolutions shall be presented to the management.
This meeting comes a day after the postgraduate students had an open meeting on the evening of Wednesday 6th December declaring their stand with DUSA in boycotting exams until the reforms they seek are addressed.

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