Ark Holdings made to serve free food during boycott

By Andrew E. K. Maina & Linda Ngari (

The Ark Holdings food service providers in Athi River have been made to serve free food during the ongoing classes boycott.


The service providers are supposed to serve only those who have paid for the service, but this has not been the case during the boycott. Especially on the first day, Thursday November 16, after students had walked to and from the main road in protest and came back to school demanding food from the dining hall.

“The first day, students came over a hundred then they were standing there saying we need to be served,” said Jason Arisa, executive chef, Ark Holdings, Athi River.

All students, both those with meal cards (to show they have paid for the food) and those without presented a united front. Those with the meal cards refused to show them hence there was no way to separate the students.

“There was pressure. We considered the fact that not everyone could afford lunch on that day and some had walked to the main road and back,” said Oragah Abed, Communication student.

This has still been ongoing, days into the boycott as the executive chef claims that they have to serve all students.

“You have to plan for those who have paid, but when you are serving, you have to serve everyone even the person who has not paid.”

It is however a subsiding situation as the chef also says that the pressure is going down and they are gradually going back to the normality of only serving those with meal cards.


On the other hand, the same service providers were seen serving the police that were deployed in the varsity to evict students on Friday November 17. According to Mr. Arisa, this was out of humanity and an arrangement made by people whose identity he did not disclose.

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