DUSA meets with students to reiterate purpose of class boycott

By Linda Ngari
After a day of defying the administration’s ultimatum to either stop the classes boycotts or end up individually accountable; students marked the end of the day at the Athi River campus with a meeting called by DUSA at the Amphitheatre. The meeting’s agenda was to clearly inform the students about the class boycott .


“We mean that there are issues that have to be resolved but this can’t happen with the VC in office”, said Karwitha Kirimi, Athi River president, while addressing the students; as she also mentioned that the Vice Chancellor (VC) is not the only problem.

Issues that were raised include the alleged allocation of 20million to the renovation of the gym at Athi River campus that never was; the investment of 40million to the newly established Law School yet the existing schools do not offer quality facilities; there having been 3 strikes since 2011 under the leadership of the same Vice Chancellor, Timothy Wachira, over the same issues, as well has his failure to be accountable for the state of the school since the last baraza he ever attended at the Athi River campus was in August 2015.

“We have accused the VC of mismanagement, negligence and corruption,” said Karwitha.

Students were also advised to unite with DUSA in the turn of events so that not just a few students would take the fall for wanting what is best for everyone. This is after some of the students were earlier suspended for allegedly participating individually in the protest.

All student-run bodies; Daystar University Students Association (DUSA), Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF), International Students of Daystar University, from both campuses showed unison in the boycott as they appealed to the students to do the same.


Deborah Wangui, DUSA vice president, Valley Road, also affirmed that even the postgraduate students, who are expected to begin their exams on December 7 have joined in the boycott.

The DCF chair, Athi River campus, Collins Olang’o, addressed the students by reiterating that even they are a part of the boycott as it is scriptural.

“What we are doing is scriptural…James4:17 says that he who knows the right that he is supposed to do but does not do it sins.”

The meeting ended with the hope that all students have agreed to unite in the boycott; even with the uncertain circumstances of the examination period while some lecturers were also said to frustrate the boycott by giving CATs.

“We should all abide not to go to class but I don’t think all will. Because tomorrow you will still see some people going and others at the Finance office trying to get their exam cards,” said Amadi Dennis, Communication student.

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