15 students suspended amid class boycott at Daystar University

By Linda Ngari

15 students were suspended through emails from the administration citing violation of  rules in the Daystar students’ handbook.Among those suspended were student leaders who received the notices during a class boycott at the Athi River Campus.

“Following the senate meeting held on 4th December 2017 in which your individual participation in the students’ unrest and other events leading to obstruction of learning…you are hereby notified to have been suspended,” reads the email in part.

An unnamed source informed the involvement that the students are  members of a committee formed after yesterday’s DUSA meeting with the Commission of University Education (CUE).

“They were to be interviewed by CUE  during their audit of the school that begun today, ” the source said.

The commission directed DUSA to form a group of 30 students, who will give an account regarding the school during the audit. Among these were 15 students from Athi River and the other 15 from Valley Road campus. The students on suspension are said to come from Athi River campus.

According to the email, the students have been suspended for 2weeks, making their return on 18th December the same day slated for yet another council meeting. It also implies that if the examinations  kick off on 11 December, they shall not be able to sit for them unless the school administration decides otherwise.

“We wonder where Daystar US is in all this? Why are we not hearing from them? It seems like our hands are getting tied as even the meetings with the university council, there is never a quorum,” said Iragi Buhendwa, an International Relations student.


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