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Daystar University Parents aggrieved for being “demeaned” by the University

By Tola Kofa
Daystar University parents were on Friday December 1 left to air all their grievances to the university council chair Professor George Krhoda after the rest of the council members left the meeting.


This left the parents wondering whether the university’s administration and council members have any respect for either them or their children.


“We felt as parents we were demeaned, belittled, disregarded and disrespected. We just feel that we’ve been treated so badly, as if our children come here for free. We are going home wounded and aggrieved because we pay fees yet services offered cannot be accounted for,” remarked Madam Hellen Msira, a parent present during the meeting.


The council members had resulted into disbanding the meeting, claiming that the student leaders arrived late to the meeting.Prof. Khroda tried explaining their value to the institution but the parents could take none of it as they requested for quick resolutions to the matter.Parents questioned the senate’s decision to reopen the university and calling police to stay on campus.

“Are these students threatening you?” asked a parent.

Some of them were shocked to hear how student leaders have been receiving threats in regards to the ongoing boycott. They requested for an apology for the events that occurred and asked the institution to come out clean and clear regarding the matter.

“I think it’s just corruption of the highest caliber because what they’re hiding we don’t know. We just wished as parents and stakeholders that they would come out and honor their mistakes, including calling GSU on students who have not destroyed any property,” said Madam Msira.


The university senate tried coming up with some solutions after meeting with the parents and later the students association too but to no avail as both parents and students requested to have a meeting with the council by Monday.

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