That message was sent way before the boycott-Hellen Mtawali

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“That message has been edited multiple times to suit the ear of the sender. It was picked from the VC’s welfare staff group and was a joke I made to Hellen Ogodo,” Hellen Mtawali, Afrizzo group Coach and an alumnus of Daystar University has said.

The response comes after a message from Mrs. Mtawali went round; perceived by Daystar University students as a move by the administration to downplay the alleged police brutality on them and maintain the university’s image.

“They should not worry. They all were meant to leave by jana [yesterday] plus they are grownups hatawaumia [they will not get hurt]. Students too have been sending risky messages to the public indicating how live bullets were busted on their face. Truth is, it has happened we now must rescue our image, we make the parents relax by saying those were pictures taken by K.U [Kenyatta University] students,” read the message from Mrs. Mtawali in part.

However, she has vehemently disputed the message adding that it was taken out of context and there is a possibility that someone sent it out of malice, embellished it with extras and took the joke too far which in effect might have offended the angry students in Athi river campus.


“That was written way before anything happened in Athi River, I might have said it as a joke and someone used it in the wrong context,” she added.

Some of the students nonetheless feel otherwise and have since taken it to social media to express their disappointment with Mrs. Mtawali.

“I think she’s lying. In my opinion I don’t see anyone who would have a malicious intention to ruin her name. She wrote that and saying that the message was written before the uncertainty is deceitful since we know the student in the picture holding a bullet, he is a Daystarian,” said Kisini Simba, a third year student at Daystar University.

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