Students air grievances under the hashtag DaystarUniversityRot

By Linda Ngari ( & Andrew E. K. Maina (

Daystar University  Athi River campus students  took to Twitter with #DaystarUniversityRot to air their grievances  during the student baraza held on November 15. This came after members of the school administration failed to show up for the baraza.

The students  resorted to go on social media with #DaystarUniversityRot, and also formed a WhatsApp group link titled ‘Daystar Lives Matter’.

@CherylSylvia_ twitted, “We are paying so much fees, yet we are being given very poor services from transport to health and food. We had so many cases of cholera, dirty hostels, we are over packed in buses and have poor medical cover yet the fees keep increasing #daystarlivesmatter.”

“Why are we in a system that allows for problems to be brought up again and again?” inquired Daystar University Student Association (Dusa) President, Karwitha Kirimi.

Some students  however worry that the issue might fade away leaving the situation back to square one .

“The hashtag is a great initiative. However, the momentum to tweet might gradually decline as students disperse,” said  a Communication student.

The baraza,dubbed  the Extraordinary Baraza is the second one of the August semester, 2017. It was meant to follow up on the issues that were raised on the first baraza, October 11, during which the administration promised to hold another baraza to give their response.

It was initially scheduled for November 1, but an email circulated to the students postponed it to November 8. The reasons cited were that the Vice Chancellor (VC) would not be available on the said date, and the political climate made some students’ return to the university unadvisable.

A day before the rescheduled baraza, on November 7, another message signed by the VC circulated, postponing the same baraza to November 29. The student government then circulated a change in date to November 15, citing that students concerns should be addressed with urgency and that the proposed date is too close to the exam period.






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