Strategies to make Daystar university school of business and economics great

Valerie Ndeto

Daystar University school of business and economics has been experiencing a number of challenges. This prompted Dr. Evans Chesang, Dean of School of business and economics (SCOBEC) to seek views from concerned students in a strategic move to make the school great. He addressed students’ grievances during a meeting held on Monday at Daystar Athi River Campus.

He is in charge of representing Scobec’s issues in the Senate asked the students to try and talk about the issues they face as the school is open to ideas.

Students brought up issues including students why  practicum fee is necessary, internship for double majors students, selection of classes, assistance with sourcing for internships and having more classes at the Valley Rd campus .

In response ,Dr Evans  said that students paid for practicum since the practicum hours are still part and parcel needed for one to graduate and also the fact that the lecturer who supervises a student also needs to be paid.

On  internships, he emphasized the need for students who take on internship offers to set a good example encourage orgainizations to take up more studnets from Daystar.He also said that commerce classes could not be moved to Valley Road since it had been tried in the past and wasn’t successful. It was also cheaper for students to live in Athi River campus in terms of accommodation.

The Dean also commented on the issue on double majors saying that one was free to choose any area they were comfortable with to an internship on. He asked students to get advisers to help them in choosing of different courses in different semesters.

Mr Chesang  encouraged the students to sign up for the international trips and gave a brief history of when the trip idea kicked off. That was  in 2004 with only 104 students attending at the time. The destination then was South Africa. Since then, SCOBEC has visited countries like Turkey, Dubai just to name but a few.

At the end of the meeting a new leadership team was selected that included  president ;Sammy Barasa and Vice president Peace Natai.





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