Students call for impeachment of DUSA at Athi River Baraza

Belinda Nabwire Addikah

Feeling dissatisfied with the student government, students chanted “Dusa Must Go” during the Daystar Athi River campus students’ baraza held yesterday at the amphitheatre. Students felt their issues were not well addressed  during the forum and so, strongly opposed the dismissal of the 3:30p.m.-6:50p.m. event.

Nonetheless, Daystar University Student association (Dusa) President Athi River, Karwitha Kirimi, said that a similar forum shall be held next Wednesday, October 18.

Ms Kirimi gave a progress report beginning from the current Dusa swearing in back in May.

Dr James Karau, Dean of Students Community Life, congratulated the student government for a job well done, and further cautioned the students to hear and engage one another respectfully during the forum.

Among the first concerns to be raised by students was the constant absence of the Vice Chancellor. He was said to be on an official visit in the Unites States.

The students also requested to be involved in the Dusa constitution amendment, and raised concerns about the poor University’s facilities from poor drainage in women’s hostels to bad quality of food.

Among other concerns raised were: fee increment, poor Wi-Fi, poor transport services and lack of follow up on issues raised in previous barazas.

After a session of raising complains, the administration was then given an opportunity to respond. The Finance Manager, Phyllis Mutua, denied any fee increment other than the library and technology fees.

University’s Service Manager, Joshua Musimi, acknowledged that indeed there was a problem in the transport sector and explained that the university cannot do away with the current transport providers as there are legal procedures to follow.

Concerning the matter of poor food quality being provided, Mr Musimi said that there is a food committee that is expected to deal with the issue.

Solomon Mburu, the ICT Manager, explained that the poor Wi-Fi was due to the constructions going on Mombasa Road. He, however, concurred with the students that the school’s technology is outdated and they are working hard to provide better services.

Munene Mwarania, a student due to graduate, brought up the Sh8,500 paid for the December graduation fee yet no dinner had been organised compared to the June graduation. Paul Mbutu, university Registrar, explained that the December graduation accommodates students who cannot wait till June. Those graduating in December are welcome to attend the following year’s graduation dinner.

Mr Mbutu also apologized for the constant change and cancellation of classes and promised that it will not be repeated. He encouraged students to discuss more issues concerning their departments in their various schools.

Dusa Vice President, Collette Sulwa, declined to make any comments when asked what about her thoughts concerning the Baraza.

Michelle Owuor, a 1st year Business student thought it to be very heated for her first baraza in Daystar.

“I came for the forum expecting more of a dialogue between the administration and the students, but it turned out to be a fierce debate of students against the administration. But I am glad the school actually allows for such free forums,” said Michelle.


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