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Daystar University plans for sudden fee increment

By Joseph Nduti Musomba

Daystar University plans to increase service fees which include examination, library, printing, and technology fees.The increase that will affect all students will take effect on June 2018 for continuing students.

According to the Daystar University Student Association (DUSA), the school has decided to make a fee increment that was never tabled before the student government, a move that has not been received well by the students.

Mr. Aloys Otieno, DUSA Valley road student President has asked the students not to co operate as the school did not involve the student body in the decision-making and hence the student’s voice has not been given an ear on the matter.
“We have never been part of this conversation and we do not plan to be part of it. As your student government, we believe we are already paying to much for too little,” read a message he wrote to the students in part.

“The only conversation we will agree to be part of is the reduction of fees, not increment. In the event that you receive communication from the administration, ignore as your voice has not been heard,” he added.

The Chief accountant Mr. Samuel Mbithi claimed that he was not aware of the increment. Efforts to reach the senior administration were futile.

” It’s not fair it hurts some of us are already struggling with fees adding will only chase away students,”  said Albert Kaluki a student from Daystar Athi River Campus.

He also added that they should have only done so for things that weren’t compulsory like Cafeteria services and questioned the existence of certain charges, for instance, the DUPA ( Daystar University Parents Association ) fee.

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