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Panic As Fire Guts down Daystar University off campus Accomodation

Belinda Nabwire Addikah

A fire followed by an explosion thirty minutes later awoke students and the locals of Mavoko at around 7:30a.m.
“I woke up at 7:20a.m. after hearing screams and an explosion. I went outside and saw fire by the Daystar Police Station. People were still trying to save some of their belongings,” says Caleb Mbugua, a resident of Sparta Hostel.
At around 7:50a.m., an electrical wire caught fire however the fire started to subside. When the fire department arrived they were chased away by the angry crowd who claimed they had taken their time to respond.
Sylvia Mundia, a Daystar student residing on campus in Dupa Hostels, said that she was woken up by the sound of an explosion. A cloud of smoke could be seen a distance away from her window.
For safety measures the students residing at Patience Hostels, on campus, were told to vacate their rooms for sometime till the fire had calmed down.
A good number of Daystar security guards and students residing in the area have lost their belongings. Volunteers have begun to offer shelter as well as clothing to the victims.
“I rushed to the site which was not far away from my house. I assessed everything and we saved what we could. I was saddened by the turn of events but glad that there was no one injured. We just have a few people who are traumatized and we’ll see that they get the necessary attention,” commented Eric Spira, a Red Cross volunteer.

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