Celebrations break out on Ngong Rd following Supreme Court decision

Soila Kenya (estherskenya@daystar.ac.ke)

A few meters from Daystar’s Nairobi campus, citizens poured onto Ngong Road soon after the announcement from the Supreme Court that nullified the August 8th elections due to irregularities.

The crowd emerged from Kabarnet Road and poured onto Ngong Road moving toward the CBD. However, the police who had been deployed beforehand were quick to quell the crowd before they could move too far and got them before they even got to China Centre.

Shouts of ‘Tibim’ and general jubilation were heard before the crowd emerged as they moved on to ‘Uhuru must go’. However, the police managed to disperse them in about 30 minutes.

The Supreme Court has called for a new vote within the next 60 days following the ruling as four out of six judges said irregularities harmed the integrity of the vote. The judges said Kenya’s electoral commission did not conduct the vote in line with the constitution.

This follows the NASA party’s petition on August 18th, the last day they constitutionally had to submit their petition. Therefore, today’s court ruling is a major victory for the opposition party. The party had initially said it did not trust the courts to make a fair decision but later went ahead with a legal challenge.

The announcement is unprecedented in Africa. Kenya becomes only the third country in the world (the others being Austria and Maldives) to nullify a presidential election.

The full judgement will be published within 21 days.




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