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2016 Student Recess Trip Scandal: Case Closed

By: Joseph Nduti Musomba

Former Daystar University Student Association (DUSA) Social Welfare Secretary Wendy Kibathi is now a lamb without blemish after her case related to an ill-fated students’ trip to the coast was dropped by the university disciplinary committee for lack of evidence. The committe met in Athi River on May 9th, 2017, and Involvement has seen an official record of the verdict.

Ms. Kibathi, who was a member of the 2016-2017 DUSA Executive in Nairobi campus, was last year hung out to dry by her DUSA government colleagues after a student mid-term recess trip to Mombasa ended in an unpaid hotel bill, and questions over what became of Ksh. 448, 000 that should have covered the expenses. The recriminations were highlighted in a detailed memorandum emailed to all students – including Athi River students – by the then DUSA Nairobi president, Johnstone Mutua.

However, it appears the university disciplinary committee has found no smoking gun.

Officials in the Department of Student Affairs were reluctant to discuss the matter in detail, with the Associate Dean, Dr. Peterson Mwangi, saying a verdict was “pending and open”. The evidence seen by Involvement suggests otherwise, with a verdict recorded that charges against Ms. Kibathi had been “dropped for lack of evidence”. She is expected to graduate in July.

“Wendy brought in new information that the committee never had and we’re still pursuing it,” Dr. Mwangi said.

The initial controversy drew in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office after the hotel in which the students spent the recess weekend contacted him over the unpaid bill. Involvement understands the bill has now been settled, though not by the university.

Ms. Kibathi has declined to comment on the issue.

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