Ksh 448,000 corruption scandal rocks DUSA Valley Road

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  • Why wasn’t the hotel bill cleared despite DUSA having enough money to do so?
  • Why did Mr. Mutua and Ms. Kibathi “assume” the role of the treasurer despite having a designated treasurer?

By James Okong’o  (jamesookongo@daystar.ac.ke) and Mike Njoroge (njorogemgachuru@daystar.ac.ke)

Questions over  the use of Sh488,000 during a recent Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) recess trip have led to recriminations within the Nairobi campus’ student government.

Involvement reporters have seen a correspondence that puts the trip the trip under the spotlight , with hotel bills allegedly not paid in full despite the fact that the student administration was allocated Sh 690,000 by the university and a further Sh 1,456,000 was collected from the 112 students who paid for the trip.

A letter leaked to the Involvement newsroom dated 26 October, 2016 that was directly addressed to the Vice Chancellor, Dr Timothy Wachira, from the Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels (KSLH) reveals that the initial hotel price agreement with the Social Welfare Secretary, Ms Wendy Kibathi, was at Sh10,500 per every two students sharing rooms.However, student sources have told Involvement that the 112 students that made it to the trip had paid Sh13,000 per two students sharing. The DUSA President for Valley Road campus, Johnstone Mutua, has called for an investigation.



Extract of a letter from the Mombasa Beach Hotel addressed to Daystar University.

Extract of a letter from the Mombasa Beach Hotel addressed to Daystar University.

“The departure from the timelines before agreed, was principally because of Social Welfare’s secretive operation and lack of communication. Procedurally, only one quotation was made available as opposed to three without sufficient justification. As a result of time and competition pressures, further investigation of the quality of location and service were not adhered to,” said Mutua.

The DUSA Chair claims a named official of the student government had offered him and the entire DUSA team Sh500 each as a bribe so that they could agree on a specific choice of hotel.

“The bribe proposed […] was intended for every DUSA official. It was reported to me by the Deputy President, Victor Ochuoga, but it was intended to be shared to every member of DUSA. At the time, it was reported to me, to the best of my knowledge, only three individuals were in the know of the entire proposal: the Deputy President, the Secretary General, Kevin Otieno, and the Treasurer, Victor Enzoveri.”

According to Mutua, he instructed the three to take the bribes and  hold them as evidence against the official accused of offering the bribes.

Meanwhile, Mr Job Mwangi the former DUSA Chair from Nairobi campus, has denied culpability in the matter, saying he had only assisted the Social Welfare Department in getting student interested in the trip. He said he and his former deputy Chair in the previous government , Ms. Claire Osoro, had been kicked off the bus on the night of traveling to Mombasa because they had not paid for the trip. He said that Ms Kibathi had assured the both of them that they were amongst the six that would usually travel for free, but she allegedly disowned them on the night and they left.

According to the DUSA constitution, it is Mr Enzoveri in his capacity as the Treasurer who was supposed to be the custodian the students’ money but this reportedly was not the case.

When contacted by the Involvement team to comment on the issue, Enzoveri distanced himself from the matter saying that he did not handle “even a single coin” from either the students’ payments or the amounts given by the university for the event.

The recess trip is an annual Daystar University event carried out under DUSA but specifically delegated to the Social Welfare Secretary, assisted by the treasurer and supervised by DUSA Chairperson.  The recess trip is an open invitation for students to travel together to a location of their choosing during the recess period.



(Due to the sensitive nature of the above story, the Involvement Editorial Team took time to verify facts and obtain a right of reply from mentioned parties. The Involvement Team is committed not only to inform but to do so with excellence. We are following this story and will be updating you as it develops. Thank you for your patience.)











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